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Prevention / professional tooth cleansing

In order to keep your mouth healthy for the long term, regular dental preventive measures and your own conscientious dental care at home are the be-all and end-all. Tooth decay and periodontitis should never even appear. We will agree the necessary preventive measures to match your individual requirements.

However, continuous care is not just for keeping your mouth healthy. With preventive measures, you can also contribute to increasing the durability of fillings, crowns, implants, bridges or prostheses – in this way, you can continue to go through life with sound teeth.

Professional dental cleansing in Munich

Your own conscientious oral care is vital. But even thorough tooth brushing cannot reach all the places in your mouth. This is how deposits often occur at the edge of the gums or in the spaces between the teeth – and this is exactly where most cases of tooth decay or periodontitis begin. The essential complement to your own oral care, therefore, is regular professional dental cleansing, where bacterial coatings are removed and the tooth surfaces are then polished in order to delay new bacterial deposits for as long as possible. There are also aesthetic reasons for professional dental cleansing. It helps us remove surface discolouration, caused for instance by coffee. In our practice, professional dental cleansing is carried out by specialised dental prevention assistants / dental hygienists.

Prevention / professional tooth cleansing

Special implant preventive measures

Implants have to undergo very specialised preventive treatment. If the tissue around an implant becomes inflamed (periimplantitis), there is a danger of losing it. Implant preventive measures include regular checks, careful professional cleansing and detailed instructions for implant care. Cleaning must be as gentle as possible, but at the same time as thorough as necessary. This is why we never use metal instruments, in order not to damage the surface of the implant necks.

Specialised periodontitis care

For patients with periodontitis, regular dental aftercare is also recommended after the actual treatment, including measurement of the depths of the gum pockets and professional dental cleansing. This is the only way of preventing a new outbreak of the disease. We follow the concept of specifically developed Periodontitis Supporting Therapy. In addition to your regular appointments in our practice, your oral hygiene at home is important.

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