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Children’s dentistry

Our practice offers optimum preventive treatment, expert dental treatments and child-friendly care. Children’s teeth need special protection – and your little ones need a dentist with whom they can feel safe and comfortable.

Growing up without tooth decay

The foundation stone for good oral heath as an adult is laid with the first milk tooth. If children learn from an early age how to care for their teeth properly and keep them healthy, tooth decay can often be avoided for the rest of their lives. Thanks to our special age-specific preventive measures and professional dental cleansing, premature loss of milk teeth can also be prevented. This is necessary, as the milk teeth are important place holders for permanent teeth.

Our services for strong children’s teeth:

  • Early inspection: For children under 6 years old, we primarily carry out early inspections. Here, the young patients can first of all get used to the new atmosphere in the practice. At the same time, we can take a look at the condition of the teeth, to see if for example teeth are in the wrong position or not developing correctly and ought to be treated.
  • IP services: For 6 to 18-year-olds we offer so-called individual prevention measures, tailored exactly to the relevant age group. These comprise for example explanations of nutrition for healthy teeth and oral hygiene, profession dental cleansing specifically for children, fissure sealing and fluoridation.
  • Fissure sealing: The indentations of the molars are usually particularly susceptible to tooth decay. In fissure sealing, these are closed and made bacteria-proof with a plastic material.

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