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Oral surgery

Oral surgery is one of our special areas. Dr. Peter Kolling, M. Sc. mult. is specially qualified in this field of dentistry – he has a Master of Science in oral surgery. Along with implantology and bone augmentation we can offer you a broad spectrum of dental surgery services .

Gentle procedures thanks to high-tech

Along with a high degree of professional competence, modern procedures are definitive in determining a successful procedure.

Examples of surgical procedures:

tooth removal in Munich

We would like you to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible. If this should not be possible, we may have to extract a tooth. Removing a tooth is one of the most frequent measures in dental surgery. This sort of treatment may for example become necessary if a tooth has been damaged by deep-seated decay or has become extremely loose due to advanced periodontitis.

Removing wisdom teeth

For wisdom teeth, removal may in certain circumstances be recommended if they are set at an angle in the jaw, cause pressure on other teeth or cause pain or are displaced. Wisdom tooth removal is often recommended by orthodontists in combination with a change in tooth positions using braces. With very complicated root anatomy or if the roots are close to endangered structures (for example nerves), we can determine the exact position of the wisdom tooth with a three-dimensional image (DVT) and plan the distance precisely in advance.


An apicoectomy (root tip removal) is often the last chance of preserving a tooth. Sometimes, for example, the anatomy of a tooth is so complex that in spite of all efforts (root treatment, revision) inflammation of the root tips constantly recurs. In such cases it is possible to remove the inflamed tissue at the level of the root tips and cap the root tips. Depending on the extent of the inflammation, the area can then be filled with bone replacement material and subsequently stitched.

Correcting labial and lingual frenula

A labial frenulum that is too short can exercise a pull on the gums, thus causing gaps in the teeth or receding gums. A lingual frenulum that is too short can even have a negative effect on speech development in young children. We correct labial and lingua frenula with a small, minimally invasive surgical intervention.

After surgery, we consider it a matter of course to phone you the next day in order to ask how you are feeling.

We have put together some helpful tips for what to do after surgery .