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Aesthetic dentistry

It goes with out saying that every treatment offered in our dental practice in Munich also focuses on perfect looks. Healthy, white teeth strengthen self-confidence, are important for well-being and radiate both youth and vitality. Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth? We will find the ideal aesthetic treatment to improve your smile.

Aesthetic dentistry

Dr. Sobota has completed a course in aesthetic dentistry – an extensive series of further training programmes. You will therefore profit from her special expertise. Also, she and Dr. Kolling M. Sc. mult. are members of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ästhetische Zahnmedizin e.V. (DGÄZ).

Tooth-coloured fillings and ceramic inlays

We are able to make up for damage to your dental substance thanks to unobtrusive tooth-coloured composite fillings and ceramic inlays .

The composite fillings consist of a high-quality plastic and ceramic blend. We can use these for small to medium damage to the teeth, for instance that caused by tooth decay. Once we have removed the decayed substance and cleaned the affected area, we apply an adhesive layer. The filling is applied in layers, cured several times with UV light and finally polished.

We offer an even more high-quality treatment with ceramic inlays. These are a good remedy particularly for greater damage to the molars. The treatment differs from composites in that the inlay is not put into the tooth as a filling and cured there. The inlays are individually produced in the dental laboratory and then inserted into the tooth with a special adhesive technique. Benefits of ceramic inlays: They are 100 per cent compatible (bio-compatible) and very durable, can be exactly fitted to the tooth and only experts can distinguish between them and the real tooth.

Fully ceramic treatment

Completely ceramic crowns and bridges are very close to the appearance of real teeth due to their individual colour matching and the natural transparency and light reflection. As no metal at all is used in the insert, fully ceramic prostheses are bio-compatible. They are suitable for all those who want to be certain of excluding an allergic reaction .

Improving front teeth with veneers

With veneers – extremely thin ceramic shells – we are able to improve the appearance of your front teeth. They are fixed permanently onto the teeth and cover irregular tooth shapes, discolouration, broken corners, damage to the enamel or slight problems with position.


Radiant white teeth make every smile an absolute eye-catcher. With age, however, teeth tend to discolour, due for instance to coffee, red wine or cigarettes. Would you like your teeth to be whiter again? We can fulfil your wish with a bleaching treatment. In this process, we apply a special gel to your teeth. In order to create the best conditions for a bleaching, we recommend professional dental cleansing prior to the treatment.

We can also brighten individual teeth that may for example have darkened from the inside after root treatment. With internal bleaching we create access to the inside of the tooth and insert a substance that will brighten the teeth from the inside.

Invisible tooth splints from Invisalign®

A brace is not always necessary to correct the positions of teeth. In our practice, we offer almost invisible orthodontic treatment with transparent, removable dental splints by Invisalign®.

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