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Bone augmentation

If your jawbone is in the right condition for treatment with implant-supported dentures, there’s no problem for us to insert an implant. For this procedure, the jawbone must have sufficient height and width. But even if the bone has been reduced at the point in question, perhaps because a tooth has been missing there for some time or has been infected with periodontitis, surgery is perfectly possible. Bone augmentation, ensuring that the bone achieves the necessary dimensions, makes it possible.

Depending upon your jawbone situation, various methods can be considered:

  • A so-called sinus lift can help if the height of the jawbone has been reduced in the side maxilla. We lift the mucus membrane between the jawbone and the maxillary sinus above. We then fill the space created with bone material from your own body or replacement material.
  • With bone spreading we widen a narrow alveolar ridge. After we have pressed it slightly apart at the corresponding cut, we fill the gap thus created with bone material.

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